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5 diet switches that have big results

5 diet switches that have big results

Despite what you think, eating healthier doesn't have to be arduous or boring. In actual fact, just a few little switches or changes can make the world of difference and deliver great results. Here are five.

Eat colourfully – When you look at your plate at each meal, make suer you see lots of different colours - and you can be sure you are covering off a variety of vitamins and minerals. 

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Packets are a no-no – You've likely heard a lot of negative talk about pacakged food in recent time and that's because packages equals processed. Natural should always be your first choice. Packaged food is often full of chemical, sodium and salt.

Keep it simple – To live a healthy life, keep it simple and go back to basics - eat from the earth. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Eat often – If you don't eat often enough and leave it until your body is starving, then you are doing your metabolism a disservice. Promote a healthy metabolism but eating regular, small meals.

Portion check – Everything seems to be supersized these days - and often we are sold large options that we simply do not need. Not to mention misconceptions about serving sizes when we dish up our own meals. A good trick? Fill you plate up three quarters with veg and just add a little protein and carbs.

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