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Jane Fonda gets candid about how sex changes as you get older

Jane Fonda gets candid about how sex changes as you get older

While promoting her latest movie Book Club, actress Jane Fonda has openly discussed how sex changes as you get older.

“For women, it gets better because we understand our bodies more,” the 80-year-old star told

“We know what we need and we know what we like and we’re less afraid to ask for it.

“Also, what’s good is that men tend to slow down a little more as they get older. Slow is the operative word, finally, they get it … or they’re forced to get it.”

Fonda said the physical setting where it happens should also change as you age.

“You want the lighting to change as you get older."

"Lighting is important. We tend to want a lot of candles and I usually carry a red scarf with me to put over the lamp.

“Dark is good,” the iconic actor joked.

Sex is a prominent theme in Fonda's new movie, which focuses on four friends dissecting their relationship issues as they read Fifty Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

The movie also stars Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen.

When asked if they were drinking real wine when filming the movie, Fonda admitted that it was grape juice.

“You spend a whole day doing a scene and if it was real wine, by the time we got halfway through the day we’d be on our faces.”

At the Australian premiere of the movie, Fonda also revealed the love and sex advice she would give her younger self.

“You can have sex without love and you can have love without sex,” Jane told Be

“The ideal is when they both come together.”

The two-time Oscar winner admitted that there was one characteristic she overlooked in her youth.

“One thing you don’t tend to look for when you’re young is kindness,” she said. 

“It didn’t occur to me until I was in my 70s that one should look for kindness.”

“You have to feel seen, safe and celebrated and if you don’t feel those things it’s [not worth it].”

Fonda has been married three times and up until last year was in a long-term relationship with American record producer Richard Perry.

The couple first started dating in 2009.