Tiana Gullotta

Health warning for sushi and stir-fry lovers

Health warning for sushi and stir-fry lovers

Asian cuisines are delicious and thought to be one of the healthier meal options on the fast food market due to the ingredients of fish, seaweed and juicy vegetables. However, new Australian research has linked Asian sauces with high blood pressure.

The Heart Foundation has discovered that one tablespoon of traditional soy sauce contains 61 per cent of the daily recommended salt intake.

Fish sauce is even saltier, containing almost an entire day’s worth – 91 per cent – of the daily recommended intake in one tablespoon.

The public has been warned about this health risk due to an estimated 6 million people nationwide suffering from high blood pressure, which can be caused by a diet high in salt. High blood pressure increases the risks of stroke, kidney disease and heart attacks.

Dietitians shared with 9News that consumers should be reading the labelling of sauce bottles across different brands. “Picking a low-salt soy sauce can half the amount of salt,” Dietitian Jenny Reimers from VIC Health shared.

“We should be having no more than five grams of salt a day … that’s about a teaspoon,” Heart Foundation dietitian Sian Armstrong recommended.