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Grant Denyer reveals how his daughters saved him during his “worst times”

Grant Denyer reveals how his daughters saved him during his “worst times”

Grant Denyer has been put through the wringer as of late, after sustaining a back injury on his property in Bathurst.

This injury aggravated an older injury, where Denyer broke his back, and intense physiotherapy and rehab has been needed in order to get Denyer to where he is today.

At the moment, the 41-year-old is three hours away from his wife Chezzie, and their daughters Sailor, eight and Scout, three, and it’s been tough.

He revealed to Now To Love what the last few months have been like.

"I'm not one that copes very well when the handbrake gets pulled on my life," he revealed. "It's a very miserable thing to have happen and it's horrible not knowing what the outcome could be."

Denyer also shared how emotional it’s been saying goodbye to his daughters after they come visit him in hospital.

"They are the sunshine in any darkness, which is magical," he said.

"And they would chatter to me on the phone like crazy [during the hospital stay]. But there were always a few tears at night between us and then the lights would go out in the hospital and I couldn't help but occasionally lose it after watching an emotional movie or something like that."

Not being able to hold the girls for such a long period of time, as well as not knowing what the future will hold for him after his injury took a toll on Denyer.

"They are very sweet and very patient girls but it's really hard when you are unable to pick your children up," he revealed.

"We love wrestling and we climb on each other and cuddle like crazy - but when you can't pick your own children up it's really hard. It was horrific and I couldn't do that forever because the best part of being a dad is being able to pick your children up, throw them in the air and give them bear hugs."

"It was hard, when you're a dad you want to be around your family, and I wasn't around my family. It was hard to bare."

Despite his recovery, the ordeal isn’t over for Denyer just yet.

"It was a horrible scenario and situation to go through but it was a very common one and 80% of men in particular will have this kind of injury to a degree but it's awfully painful and debilitating but the good news is with the right amount of patience and physio, we can get back on track."

However, in classic Denyer style, he’s staying positive.

"I think it might have been the universe telling me to slow down a little bit for starters. It was the perfect storm of three things all landing at the same time. I had Dancing With the StarsCelebrity Name Game had just started filming plus doing radio. It wasn't ideal, it was just an accident that all three projects began to overlap, and I got an injury right in the middle."

"I've been in this position before when something like this happens and you've got to be a little bit kinder to your body and to yourself so you can get your life back into a state of balance."

"I think it's about letting things drop off," he added.