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Grant Denyer opens up about family troubles upon returning to work

Grant Denyer opens up about family troubles upon returning to work

Grant Denyer is back in action since suffering a severe back injury while working on his farm in Bathurst, NSW in March.

After six weeks, the TV show host and radio presenter returned to his breakfast radio hosting gig on 2DayFM on Monday, opening up about the emotional toll his injuries have taken on his wife, Chezzi and two daughters, Sailor and Scout.

“That amount of time away from the family is not good for anybody and it has been incredibly difficult for Chezzi because she's been a sole parent,” the 41-year-old explained.

Grant took to the Dancing With The Stars stage last month for the grand finale episode, however, was left in a “significant amount of pain” and checked into a sports physiotherapy hospital straight afterwards to recover.

The pain left the media personality in such agony that he couldn’t entertain his children either.

“When I did get home or when they came to hospital, the kids couldn't jump on me or be thrown up in the air,” he said to radio co-hosts, Ash London and Ed Kavalee.

Just last week, Denyer was released into the arms of his family, where he is continuing to recover. The hospital for him eventually felt like a prison, he explained live on air humorously.

“It almost gets to the point where it is like a prison – you're asking, ‘What are you in for?’,” he joked.

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While in hospital, Denyer says he slowly began to learn how to turn his muscles back on after being almost paralysed following his injury.

“When you're in that much pain, your whole body just locks up – you're one giant trunk that doesn't move,” he explained.

The Logie award winner suffered an annular fissure (commonly known as a torn disc) in his lower back in March.

The injury occurred while Denyer had been hammering stakes into the ground for trees he was in the process of growing on his farm.

The 2DayFM host explained on air he had felt a “twang” in his lower back, which became debilitating and forced him to be admitted to hospital.

While the TV host was forced to miss the Easter holidays on the coast with his wife, Chezzi and two daughters, Sailor, 7 and Scout, 3, he was able to go home in April for a short time to host DWTS alongside Amanda Keller.

Grant will return to our screens next week to host a new show on Channel 10 called Celebrity Name Game.