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5 top tips for safe winter running

5 top tips for safe winter running

If you’re an avid year round runner, you’ll know that the change in seasons brings new challenges to your usual pavement pounding routine. Safety and preventing injury is paramount during the cooler months. Shorter, darker days and an increase in rain and in some areas frost can cause no end of issues for the winter runner. Stay safe and run well through winter with these top tips.

1. Prevent slipping

Wet or frosty pavement is a nightmare for runners. The best way to avoid injury is by preventing the slip from occurring in the first place. Your local running shop should sell anti-slip soles that clip to the bottom of your shoes or you can make your own version by screwing 3/8” hex head or sheet metal screws into the your shoe to provide grip.

2. Pick your route well

The sun rises later and sets earlier in winter leaving making it dark for many of your runs. Unless you can re-jig your routine so that you are able to run during the day, it’s best to pick paths and routes with some form of lighting. This may mean moving your run to a more populated area with streetlights or even a local park or oval.

3. Stay warm in the wind

Wind can be a nightmare for the winter runner. Try and run with the wind in your face on the way out and at your back in the second half of your run this prevents you from becoming hot and sweaty and then cold from the chill. If the wind if especially cutting, applying Vaseline or lanolin to your face and lips can help prevent windburn. You can also purchase jackets with wind-breaking features built in to keep your upper body and arms warm.

4. Keep your shoes dry

If you end up running in the rain (or snow!) put newspaper in your shoes immediately after your run. It will soak up the water and help your shoes maintain their shape.

5. Hydrate

While it may not feel as if you’re sweating out much fluid, you actually lose almost as much fluid in winter as you do in summer. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout and after your run, no matter how cold it is outside.

How do you keep safe while exercising in winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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