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5 healthy foods that can make you hungrier

5 healthy foods that can make you hungrier

While often considered healthy food options, some diet choices could be leading you to overconsume later on. Take a look at some of the top offenders below.

1. Wholegrain bread – It may keep you fuller longer than its white counterpart, but bread is still a carb, and so elevates your blood sugar. Raised insulin levels can, on the more serious end, lead to diabetes, but at the least, the subsequent sugar crash can leave you reaching for more carbs and sugar.

2. Yoghurt – Many yoghurts contain added sugars, the effects of which are mentioned above, and due to its runny texture, won’t leave your hunger feeling satisfied. Add nuts and honey to unflavoured Greek yoghurt instead of consuming the non-fat sugary kind. Your satisfaction levels will thank you for it.

3. Green smoothies – Like yoghurt, despite being healthy, fast-consumed liquid smoothies don’t signal to our bodies that our hunger is satisfied so well as solid foods do, and could lead to more snacking later as a result.

4. Red wine – We’ve all heard of the benefits of having one glass of anti-oxidant rich red wine per day, but as wine lowers inhibitions, it could lead to over-eating at dinner.

5. Artificial sweeteners – You might think, with less calories than real sugar, that artificial sweeteners are a better choice, but as they trick your brain into thinking they are about to receive sugar-derived energy, they can actually lead to sugar or carb cravings later.