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The benefits of a lifestyle sea change

The benefits of a lifestyle sea change

These benefits of living by the sea are the perfect excuse we have all been looking for to move by the ocean.

1. Better health

A study by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Exeter in England found that those who live closer to the coast have better health than those who live inland. The idea of sea life having a positive impact on health is not a new notion, with doctors from the early 18th century prescribing patients trips to the shore or “bathing hospitals”, which were special clinics that offered seawater bath treatments. Swimming in salt water has been found to enhance the immune system, boost circulation and hydrate the skin.

2. Relaxed lifestyle

Scientist and author of Blue Mind, Dr Wallace J. Nichols, explains that the ocean has been proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety and promote compassion. Coastal paths also encourage outdoor activity. Not only will the fresh sea air revitalise your mind but it has also been proven to increase happiness.

3. Better sleep

The quality of coastal air varies greatly from air that is further inland. Air along the coast is charged with negative ions that allow your body to absorb oxygen more easily. The benefit of this air means that serotonin levels are more equalised, helping you to have a deeper sleep and allowing you to kick-start your days with a greater amount of energy.

4. Recreational activities

When you live by the coast, you can forget the hour-long drives to go fishing and visit beautiful scenery. Sailing and swimming are just two of the recreational activities that will be right outside your doorstep. A home by the sea also makes the perfect house for family to come and visit during the holidays. Your children who have left the nest will enjoy bringing their family to the coast to make special memories with their parents. 

5. Meet new friends

When you live by the ocean, there is ample opportunity to meet people who have similar interests to you because you are not cooped up indoors. When you are near the ocean your day will consist of peaceful walks on the shore bumping into plenty of like-minded people along the way. Sunsets by the sea also offer the perfect view to take someone you are courting, or your significant other, for an inexpensive but unforgettable date.

6. Affordable

Although it is believed that a lifestyle sea change will cost you an arm and a leg, this is not the case. Hindmarsh Island, a hidden gem in South Australia, has land allotments selling from just $105,000 in Sturt Ridge, while river view plots are available from only $350,000. Sturt Ridge is just 90 minutes drive from Adelaide’s CBD and is opposite the historic river port of Goolwa.

Life on the coast can offer an amazing lifestyle change. When weighing the pros and cons of a coastal real estate purchase, be sure to consider these benefits.

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