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Woolies under fire for making staff work Christmas Day

Woolies under fire for making staff work Christmas Day

The NSW treasurer has put his foot down after Woolworths put in a request for 3500 staff members to be given permission to work on Christmas Day.

The supermarket giant claims that workers are needed on the public holiday to stock shelves and make deliveries in order to be prepared for Boxing Day.

With other states and territories allowing for shelves to be stocked on public holidays, businesses in NSW must seek permission from the government to run on restricted trading days such as Christmas and Anzac Day.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Dominic Perrottet said Woolworths’ application is currently being looked over by the industrial relations agency within Treasury.

“I personally don’t want people working on Christmas Day,” he said.

“We’ve made that clear from the outset when we established the ability for retailers to open on Boxing Day, we’ve always said it’s about choice, it’s always up for people if they decide to work or not decide to work.

“Applications have been made in the past and they have been rejected.”

But according to Woolworths, their staff members have no qualms over the matter as they would be earning public holiday rates if they choose to work on Christmas Day.

“We fully respect the right of team members to enjoy Christmas Day with loved ones and never compel anyone to work who doesn’t wish to do so,” a spokesman for the company told AAP in a statement.

Leader of the opposition, Michael Daley, considers stores opening on Boxing Day a quick cash grab, saying there’s no reason for them to be in operation.

“It’s all about corporate greed,” he said while attending a rally in Sydney on Wednesday.

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