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Were you affected? Sophisticated scam targets NAB customers

Were you affected? Sophisticated scam targets NAB customers

Customers who bank with NAB, one of Australia’s big four banks, have been impacted by a sophisticated phishing scam.

The bank has been targeted by online scammers who are hoping to get confidential details from users.

Email security company MailGuard discovered the scam, according to Nine Finance. It has been sent from several compromised accounts pretending to be NAB.

Customers receive an email that looks like an official correspondence from NAB, explaining that their last BPAY was put on hold. It invites victims to click on a provided link to check their transaction history.

Once victims click the link, they are taken to a page that looks like the official NAB login page, but is a sophisticated copy.

“Unsuspecting recipients who click on the link to check their BPAY Payment status are led to a convincing-looking copy of the NAB login page. This is actually a phishing page,” explained MailGuard.

Once information has been entered, it is then harvested by the criminals before redirecting them to the actual NAB website.

“Cybercriminals have taken great pains to replicate official landing pages from NAB – including incorporating the bank’s branding and logo using high-quality graphical elements. All this is done in an attempt to trick the users into thinking the scam is legitimate,” explained MailGaurd.