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The weirdest items you've ever bought at Aldi

The weirdest items you've ever bought at Aldi

TV host Osher Günsberg sparked an interesting discussion after he shared his wild purchases from ALDI, the German supermarket chain.

His purchases included a chainsaw.

“Soy milk, laundry liquid, chainsaw,” he captioned the post.

He added: “Went shopping with Audrey Griffin and the Aldi #aisleofdreams did not disappoint today.”

Australian actor Rob Mills commented saying "it's one of my favourite outings".

Others shared their weird purchases from the supermarket.

“The other day I went to Aldi and came out with four bananas, three apples and a car battery charger,” one person wrote.

“We went in for batteries and came out with a kayak,” another user commented.

“My best ever purchase from Aldi was a unicycle, true story,” someone else revealed.

Another reader even suggested the bizarre mix of items available on any given day would make a great idea for a TV game show that Günsberg could host.

“Give the contestants a couple of hundred dollars in Aldi and see what they buy,” they wrote. “Definitely see who's a smart shopper.”

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