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The weird new products you'll find at Woolworths

The weird new products you'll find at Woolworths

This beverage is most likely the first time you’re hearing about it, but according to one supermarket, it’s the next big thing.

Woolworths has revealed what it believes will be the biggest food trends in 2019, and according to the grocery giant, the most popular item is a Russian fizzy milk drink called kefir.

Containing bacteria, Woolworths senior nutritionist, Natalie Chong, said kefir is beneficial for those who want to focus on keeping their digestion running smoothly.

“This year we predict that functional products such as green banana flour, cereals with prebiotic fibre and fermented foods with probiotics like kefir will become increasingly popular with customers,” she said.

And if you’re still confused, kefir – which is considered the “champagne of milks” – is a yeast-based drink containing kefir grains which are squashed to create a liquid.

According to the experts, the Russian beverage is this year’s kombucha.

Another major trend you should expect to come across in 2019 is “plant-based eating”.

Instead of burgers packed with juicy beef and bacon, Woolies predicts that people are going to choose to opt for meat-free mince instead due to the increasing rise of veganism.

Even those who are regular meat eaters and have no plans on quitting are spotted trying out plant based items from time to time.

“We are seeing a trend where more of our customers are embracing meat alternatives and introducing vegetarian and vegan-friendly options into their weekly diets, including adding plant-based foods,” said Ms Chong.

She also revealed that the company has seen an exponential growth in vegan products in 2017.

“This is not to say that customers are becoming strictly vegan or vegetarian, but they are more conscious of adding more vegetables and plant-based foods into their diet as an additional source of nutrients when they can.”

Woolworths is constantly increasing the number of vegan items they sell in store, with its Macro health and wellness range now including 15 specifically vegan products.

Will you be trying out these new food trends in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.