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Tue, 4 Sep, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The meaning behind the jewellery the Queen is wearing on the new Australian coin

The meaning behind the jewellery the Queen is wearing on the new Australian coin

On Monday, the Governor-General Peter Cosgrove officially revealed the new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that will appear on the Australian coin from next year onwards.

The portrait is the first update to her profile in 20 years, and there is one noticeable difference in the image.

Although the new portrait now includes the Queen’s neckline and shoulder, the key difference is the jewellery she is wearing.

The former portrait, which was last updated in 1998, shows the Queen wearing a simple pair of earrings and a modest tiara – which was gifted to her at her 1947 wedding by Queen Mary.

The new effigy shows Her Majesty wearing a diamond necklace and tear-drop earrings paired with a much larger crown.

The necklace pictured was worn by the Queen for her coronation and is made up of 25 large diamonds and a pendant of 24.48 carats, reported Times Malta.

On the new coin, the Queen is also wearing the Royal Diamond Diadem crown, which was originally made for King George IV for his coronation in 1821.

Queen Elizabeth II also wore it to her own 1953 coronation and still wears it to and from the State Opening of Parliament.

The crown is set with 1,333 diamonds, including a four-carat pale yellow brilliant in the centre of the front cross.

Sir Peter said the new coins showcased the rare progression of the Queen’s portrait on the Australian coinage.

"This new effigy will be a new image for a new era – continuing to tell the story of a reign and lifetime," Sir Peter said.

"The new coins and effigy are set to become a familiar sight for years to come."