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The coke bottle money trick that will revolutionise the way you save

The coke bottle money trick that will revolutionise the way you save

A thrifty Sydney mother has revealed her game changing hack that has revolutionised the way she saved $1000. 

This simple saving trick ended up paying for her flights to Hawaii with her husband.

Chantal Llamas, 35, says filling a simple 600 ml Coke bottle with $2 helped her change her spending habits and save money without even realising.

Ms Llamas told news.com.au she was surprised when $20 worth of $2 coins barely filled any space in the bottle.

“I teach finance literacy at different high schools to help kids be more aware of the responsibility of money and smart ways to save,” she explained.

“I was telling them about different tips that I do to save money and then asked them if they had any tricks. That’s when one student told me about the Coke bottle challenge.

“I didn’t believe just filling a 600ml bottle could give you $1000 or anywhere near that. I told my husband about it, and he said, ‘Well, let’s try it then, how hard could it be?’”

As the Coke bottle began to fill up, Ms Llamas revealed she and her real estate agent husband Daniel, 32, began obsessing about obtaining as many $2 coins as they could.

“We became really savvy at getting $2 coins,” she said.

“My husband would get a small coffee everyday instead of a large, so he would get change from a $5 note.

“If I got two $1 coins, I’d always ask if they could please swap it for a $2. They must have thought it was strange.

“We got so excited every time we got a $2 coin. The more we filled the bottle, the more excited we got and the more we wanted to top it up.

“It seems easy, but then you realise how small the coins actually are.”

After nine months of the gold coin-filled bottle sitting in the back of Ms Llamas closet, filling slowly, the couple managed to rack up $880 in coins.

For just $900, they found they were able to book themselves to Hawaii and back, while their two-year-old son, Zachary, flew for free.

They spent eight “fantastic” days in Hawaii on their first family holiday.

“It was amazing to see we’d saved almost $900 without even really noticing,” Ms Llamas said.

“I’d recommend this to others for sure. It’s a great thing to try and save for a goal.

“It’s such an easy thing to do. Even if you’re a terrible saver or don’t have a huge income, it’s very doable. You don’t really miss a $2 coin. They’re just thrown into the bottom of a bag or on the floor of your car.

“I hope this might inspire others to give it a go. It might take some longer than others, but when it fills up it will all be worth it.”