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The $4 Kmart doll mums are losing it over

The $4 Kmart doll mums are losing it over

Kmart has gone and done it again, and this time, it’s not only a huge hit amongst the adults but also amongst the little ones.

The discount department store has released a series of dolls for young children and they have been garnering attention from mothers for all the right reasons.

The $4 “Glamour Dolls” have been commended for breaking the conventional body standards that dolls such as Barbie fit into. The dolls have been said to promote a healthy and realistic body image for children.

Photo: Kmart 

“Spotted these ‘Glamour Dolls’ today. Same height as Barbie but twice the width, i.e., a normal human size. How good!” wrote one happy mum on Facebook.

And it didn’t take long for the post to gain traction, as other mums began singing their praise for the affordable toy and rushed to grab one for their own children.

“Love it, they’re normal looking, actually dressed to cover the body, and not blasted with a sh*tload of makeup. We need more like this,” said one commenter.

“About time, need some realism,” said another.

While one mother pointed out: “They actually have sensible shoes on!”

And with Christmas right around the corner, parents were ecstatic over the affordable $4 price tag of the doll.

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