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Spring ready! Kmart launches new homewares range

Spring ready! Kmart launches new homewares range

As spring kicks into full gear, Kmart has dropped a new budget-friendly homewares range - and just in time to bring a fresh and airy feel to your home. 

Some of the items include a pastel pink and green leaf patterned doona cover set that will only set you back $18 for the queen version. 

Kmart is no stranger to stylish, swoon worthy products for an affordable price, and shoppers might be pleasantly unsurprised to learn melamine tumblers in blue cost a simple $7 and a quirky framed print of umbrellas on the beach will go for $13. 

If you’re looking for new storage that fits a white and woody aesthetic, the retailer has a bamboo-three drawer storage unit for $12. 

Can’t get yourself out of the gorgeous grey and monochromatic tones that styled our home during the winter? 

Not a problem - for $69, a charcoal chair is available for purchase as well as a sophisticated marble table for $49. 

Cult Kmart fans took to social media to praise the new range, with one saying: “Absolutely love this!!”

Another wrote: “Kmart has done it again, loving this”. 

“I must buy that doona cover, looks so dreamy,” another comment read. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see everything Kmart has to offer for the spring season.