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Samantha Armytage slams Sydney Water over price rise notice

Samantha Armytage slams Sydney Water over price rise notice

Samantha Armytage has slammed Sydney Water after she was informed her rates would be increasing from July amid the COVID-19 downturn.

The Sunrise host said she was informed of the price increases on her bill, which she received on Wednesday.

“Just got my bill today from Sydney Water where they tell you they’re here to help... and then, oh, a price rise on July 1. What a lovely treat,” she said in a clip posted on her Instagram Stories.

A caption on the video read: “We’re all in this together, except Sydney Water.”

The clip came after Armytage shared the things she has learned during lockdown in a column for Stellar magazine.

“We’ve realised we are not all in this together. There are members of the population who think it’s OK to spit on police officers, who will hoard products, and that there are countries who are so, so, so much worse off than us,” she wrote.

“We’ve realised how many large companies were very badly run before COVID. We’ve realised how much we admire doctors and nurses. Ditto teachers. Oh, and beauticians. Waxing is best left to the experts. Enough said.”

The 43-year-old also shared the pet peeves she developed during the pandemic.

“We’ve realised how annoying it is to see celebrities crying about isolation from their mansions/massage rooms/private gyms. That none of us has much patience for taxpayers bailing out billionaires’ businesses (bag it like Beckham, anyone?) and how many people actually think Ellen DeGeneres is mean,” she wrote.

Since public health emergencies were declared by state governments in March, Armytage has spent most of her time isolating at her country estate in Bowral, New South Wales.

In April, she returned to Sunrise after taking six weeks off to recover from a respiratory infection.