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“Rubbish”: Kochie’s new show How To Make $10k In 20 Days slammed by viewers

“Rubbish”: Kochie’s new show How To Make $10k In 20 Days slammed by viewers

David Koch has been brutally slammed by viewers for claiming any ordinary Australian can earn an extra $10,000 in just 20 days.

His new show How To Make $10k In 20 Days premiered on Channel Seven on Wednesday night and it was met with harsh criticism.

The Sunrise host, who started off as a financial journalist, believes anyone can make as much as $500 a day by just picking up a “side hustle” or selling items around the house.

Two couples decided to take part in the “sprint saving” challenge – the first was Gold Coast pair Tim and Jana who collectively earned $150,000 a year, and Sydney parents Mick and Rebecca Adamson who rely on a single income of $83,000.

Over three weeks the couples cut down their grocery bill by half and took on extra jobs such as cleaning toilets and gardening.

They also put their properties on Airbnb and sold any unwanted items.

But viewers at home were not impressed, saying the people shown on the program do not represent the “average Australian”.

Many took aim at the couple earning $150k, accusing them of living the “high life” while trying to save for their wedding reception.

“Seriously a couple earning more than $150,000 combined … why do they need to go on a show like that?” said one person.

Another said: “I found the show ridiculous. The young couple have fancy breakfasts every morning and complained when they have to have Vegemite on toast. Spend $300 a week or fortnight on dining out and drinking. And they love their shopping. They aren’t struggling for money. They just spend it all on so many unnecessary things … why not get a couple on the show that’s actually struggling with money.”

One wrote: “Yeah sure, young couple earning $150,000 a year sounds like they really need the help … how about helping families who are actually doing it tough, not the ones earning $3,500 per week.”

“Rubbish, how can you save up with prices of bills, rent and petrol, these topics are just far from reality,” another woman said.

In the end, the Adamsons fell short by making $7253, but they aim to sell any unwanted items with a garage sale in the coming weeks.

They plan on using the money they saved to pay off their credit card bills and going on a “date night”.

Tim and Jana managed to reach the $10,000 goal towards their dream wedding, after Tim reluctantly sold his boat for half the amount he bought it for.