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Fri, 24 Aug, 2018Over60

Kyle Sandilands’ staggering daily pay cheque revealed

Kyle Sandilands’ staggering daily pay cheque revealed

He is no stranger to splashing his cash around, but Kyle Sandilands has revealed just how much money he has to spend – and it certainly is a staggering amount.

The shock jock revealed on Hit 105’s Stav, Abby and Matt in Brisbane on Thursday morning that he earns $45,000 a day.

If that is truly the daily pay cheque he earns every single day of the year, it equates to $16.5 million per year.

The revelation came after Brisbane host Matty Acton quizzed Sandilands over the $220 parking ticket he received while once filling in for the radio host in Sydney.

“Do you want me to spot you that money? I do earn $45,000 a day so I’m happy to pay,” Sandilands said.

“I’ll pay it for you. It’s the least I can do.”

Last year Sandilands said he earned in excess of $3 million, or more than $60,000 per week, when quizzed on air by Channel 9’s Ben Fordham.

“More than $3 million,” Sandilands confirmed. “That’s per year.”

“And that’s just the radio money,” he added.

“I own businesses - coconut water … I make a fortune off that sh*t.