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Kmart's 50th birthday celebrations backfire after fans demand return of one thing

Kmart's 50th birthday celebrations backfire after fans demand return of one thing

Australia's beloved discount department store Kmart celebrated its 50th birthday by sharing some flashback pics to reminisce on the good old times.

The budget retailer asked fans to recall their “favourite Kmart memory” on social media and the store received a much bigger response than it anticipated with eager shoppers calling for the store to “bring back” the beloved Holly’s Café. 

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A post shared by Kmart Australia (@kmartaus) on Apr 29, 2019 at 2:06pm PDT

“The chips and gravy in your old cafes,” one follower commented.

“When they had a restaurant inside. You could shop and eat. It was always such a treat,” another added.

Another comment read: “Holly’s Cafe, chips and gravy, by far the best memory of Kmart.”

And the hot chips weren't the only thing popular at the cafe – also on the menu was roast beef, chicken nuggets in pirate boxes, thick creamy milkshakes and delicious scones with jam.

The throwback images shared by the discount store included pictures of full parking lots, slightly outdated promotional shots and even an old advert featuring a transistor pocket radio for $9.98.

The very first iconic Kmart opened up in Burwood East, Victoria on April 30, 1969. An estimation of over 40,000 people packed out the retail store and earned over $97,000 (equivalent to $989,000 in 2019) on its very first day.

Since then, the store has become an essential feature in the lives of everyday Australians and has 228 operating stores throughout the country.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Kmart’s throwback photos and how the discount store has evolved over the years.