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Kmart worker spills three secrets that’ll save you cash

Kmart worker spills three secrets that’ll save you cash

A Kmart worker has spilled three shopping “secrets” she claims will get you better discounts and treatment in store.

Georgia Cook from Sydney shared three tips on TikTok, where it received a lot of attention from bargain hunters.

The 23-year-old answered questions from those who wanted to know more, much to the delight of bargain hunters.

“We give a 20 per cent or more if something is damaged, just ask,” Georgia said in the video, which was her first tip.

She went on to say that “half the workers don’t know where stuff is either”, which is the second tip.

The third and final tip was the one that delighted bargain hunters the most, with Georgia saying that “if you ask us if something is out of stock, we will say yes if you’re rude and annoying”.

One woman was quick to dispute Georgia’s claims, saying that she was only given a 5 percent discount for her damaged goods.

“All Kmarts are different for damaged items, that’s what we do with ours. It’s more if you accidentally bring a damaged item up and you still want it, you can ask for a discount,” Georgia replied.

Not everyone was happy with the tips, saying that it was “your job” to show people where items are, even if they were unkind.

“I worked retail and even if someone was rude I’d check because that’s what I was getting paid to do,” one said.

Others warned she could “lose her job over this” to which she replied: “I didn’t expect it to blow up.”

Georgia’s TikTok is now on private and it is unknown if she has lost her job due to the popularity of the video.