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Fri, 14 Sep, 2018Basmah Qazi

Kmart fans go crazy over discount store's exciting new plan

Kmart fans go crazy over discount store's exciting new plan

Elated Kmart fans are rejoicing as the major discount department store has announced that they’re introducing Afterpay.

The service allows people to pay for items in four equal instalments every fortnight.

If the repayments are made on time then there is nothing extra to pay, but a late fee is charged if you miss a payment.

Kmart announced via Facebook that it would release further information regarding its partnership with Afterpay for online services.

The post has garnered major attention as it has been liked over 13,000 times.

“This is great,” said one shopper. “If you all keep to a budget it’s the best thing for Christmas, birthdays, or if you need something in a hurry.”

Others were worried that this will further fuel their shopping addiction: “My dream has come true … but now I shall be forever in debt hahaha no just joking.”

One husband was worried about his future: “Now I have to lock my wife in a cage without internet access. I’ll tell her that you miss her ….”

But it wasn’t positive reactions all around, as some were far less enthusiastic, saying people who could not afford to shop at the retailer shouldn’t be shopping at all.

“Can see all the people getting into debt over this," said one woman.

Many were confused as they questioned the difference between Afterpay and lay-by but one man pointed out that with Afterpay, shoppers receive the product on the spot while paying it off in eight weeks.

Kmart has a cult following with many new items selling out the moment they land on shelves, which has seen the company's profits lift significantly to over $500 million a year.

Are you excited by this news? Have you used Afterpay before? Let us know in the comments below.