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Kmart excites shoppers with $39 storage solution

Kmart excites shoppers with $39 storage solution

Shoppers are excited for Kmart's new $39 storage solution for the living area.

The department store’s enthusiasts have spotted a stylish piece of furniture that could double as a functional room staple and a storage.

The Anko Round Grey Footstool with Storage is a seater that comes with a removable lid for a concealable storage space. It is collapsible and measures 30cm in height and 56cm in diameter.

At $39, customers have considered the footstool a bargain.

"I might have to go to Kmart and have a look," one commented on Instagram.

"How good would this be for a toy storage in the lounge room?" another wrote on the retailer’s Facebook page.

"This looks great! And unlike ALDI, stock will be available for awhile," one added.

Claire, the founder of popular Instagram account The Kmart Lover is satisfied with her purchase.

"It is sturdy, practical and pretty," Claire wrote in a review of the stool. "Whether you fill with throw rugs, books or kids toys it is the perfect accessory to your home."

Claire told that the chair is strong enough for people to safely sit on it. "It holds me, and I weigh about 70kg, 68 on a good day!" said Claire.

According to Kmart's website, the stool could carry a loading weight of up to 60 kilograms.

For other seaters with storage, Kmart also offers a rectangle ottoman at the same price and a smaller square footstool for $15.

Will you be getting any of these seaters with storage? Let us know in the comments.