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How to save hundreds this year by going plastic free

How to save hundreds this year by going plastic free

Many people use the middle of the year as a time of change, and for some, this can include going plastic free.

Environmentalist Tracey Bailey has pointed out to that Aussies can save up to $764 in a year by going plastic free.

By swapping five common household products with plastic-free alternatives, this could stop 797 plastic items from heading to landfill every year.

“By reducing the use of everyday plastic items, you’re not only reducing waste and saving money, but you’re saving the resources used to produce those items in the first place,” she said.

“These calculations show how easy it can be to save hundreds of dollars while reducing plastic waste, but there are many other money and waste saving alternatives.

“You can further reduce plastic waste by swapping shampoo in a plastic bottle for a shampoo bar, plastic food wrap for reusable beeswax wraps, and by making your own skin care products from natural ingredients instead of purchasing products in plastic containers.”

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Some of the items that you could switch out include your takeaway coffee cup for a KeepCup, your plastic water bottle for a stainless steel water bottle, your ziplock plastic sandwich bags for a reusable sandwich bag and your disposable razor for a safety razor.