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Here's how to get free money from Coles

Here's how to get free money from Coles

Coles will discount its prepaid MasterCard gift cards by 10 per cent from Wednesday, essentially giving customers money for free.

The supermarket giant will apply the promotion to its $50, $100 and $250 gift cards from Wednesday 10 February to Tuesday 16 February.

The discounts also apply to the purchase fee which is $5 for $50 and $100 cards, and $7 for $250 cards.

On a $250 Coles Mastercard gift card, plus its associated $7 purchase fee, the total comes to $231.30, meaning customers effectively get $18.70 for nothing. Customers can purchase up to five gift cards, meaning if someone were to buy five $250 cards, they'd save $93.50.

“After a summer of spending, we know that our customers are looking for extra value in everything they buy and this is the ultimate way we can help them save on their everyday purchases,” Coles general manager of non-food Jonathan Torr said.

“It’s very simple to purchase a Coles Mastercard Gift Card and take advantage of this special, you just need to buy it in store.”

Coles revealed this is the first time in retail history that a retail Mastercard has been discounted. While Myer as run promotions in the past where shoppers are offered a bonus $10 gift card for every $100 spent on gift cards, the Mastercard promotion isn't limited to a certain store.

“Coles Mastercard Gift Cards are accepted anywhere that accepts Mastercard so the possibilities on what and where customers can save with this special are endless,” Torr added.

Shoppers have been urged to come in quick as it's only while stocks last.