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Diana’s car up for sale after decades in hiding

 Diana’s car up for sale after decades in hiding

The Princess of Wales’ old car, given as an engagement gift from Prince Charles, will soon be sold after being kept in hiding for 20 years.

The anonymous owner says she bought the vehicle because she is a “big fan” of Diana, and kept the 1981 Ford Escort Ghia Saloon as a second car, only driving it around her local town for years.

The woman also says she refused to tell locals and neighbours who the vehicle originally belonged to.

A car given to Princess Diana as an engagement present from Prince Charles will soon be sold at auction after its origins were kept secret for 20 years.

Prince Charles gifted the car to his future bride in May 1981, and Diana drove it around until August 1982.

It is expected to fetch between $54,000 - $73,000 when it goes under the hammer at the Reeman Dansie's Royalty, Antiques and Fine Art Sale in Essex on June 29.

The car still holds its original registration WEV 297W, 83,000 miles (133,575 kilometres) on the clock and has meticulously retained its original paintwork and upholstery.

A silver frog mascot given as a gift to the Princess of Wales by her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer still sits on the hood of the car, but is sadly just a replica.

It was reportedly meant to represent the fairy tale of the girl who kisses a frog that later turns into a prince.

Diana chose to keep the original frog when she sold the car.

The woman who currently owns the car bought it for $10,000 in 1995 by an antiques dealer as a birthday present for his daughter, before it was passed on to the Diana-crazed fan.

"Of course I knew when I bought it that it once belonged to Princess Diana, that is why I wanted it," the woman said to The Sun.

"I was a big fan of hers.

"I have driven it around as a second car ever since. A lot of people ask me why I had it and I used to tell them that it was my first car I passed my test in and that I was attached to it.

"I felt that its history and provenance were so unique and I didn't want many people knowing."

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