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Coles' Little Shop Christmas collectibles hijacked by greedy shoppers: “You should be ashamed”

Coles' Little Shop Christmas collectibles hijacked by greedy shoppers: “You should be ashamed”

Furious parents and grandparents have criticised Coles after the supermarket sold out of its Little Shop Christmas edition just four days after it launched.

Last month, Coles announced that it would be releasing a festive Little Shop collection in time for Christmas, however, just a week after it launched, it has run out of supplies.

Many shoppers who missed out on the miniatures and matching cases have vented their frustration on social media.

One Aussie grandma slammed Coles on a Facebook group for swapping Little Shop collectibles.

The woman wrote: “You should be ashamed of yourselves. All I wanted was one folder for my granddaughter… what in the hell is going on?”

“Now I see selfish money-hungry people selling them for $40. Wise up you stupid people.”

The woman also expressed her disappointment that she wasn’t given one of the miniatures after one shop, despite spending the minimum $30 in store.

According to Coles, customers receive a free mini at the checkout for every $30 they spend.

The Little Shop Christmas edition includes mince pies, a pavlova, crackers, a gingerbread biscuit and a limited edition Coles gingerbread ice-cream.

Another shopper said she was “over” the frustration of seeing people sell the collectibles for a profit.

“Wrecking kids fun. Go get real jobs people, I bet you sell baby formula too,” she wrote.

Other unhappy shoppers said they had been forced to fork out money to Little Shop sellers online.

“Thumbs down in a big way to Coles Australia wide knowing that the first collectibles were a big hit for all then they bring out Christmas ones & the folders don't last on the shelf for one day, what's going to happen when they bring out series 2 in 2019,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Many shoppers who have been unable to purchase the case have instead downloaded the free version.

A Coles spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the supermarket had limited case sales to ensure fairness to all shoppers.

“Coles' Little Shop special Christmas edition has taken Australia by storm, with our limited edition Christmas stocking collector cases selling at unprecedented levels,” the spokesperson said.

“We limited sales to 3 per customer as we know many of our shoppers are families with several children.”

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