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“Best hack ever”: New Aldi shopping trolley hack is huge hit

“Best hack ever”: New Aldi shopping trolley hack is huge hit

A mum’s genius Aldi shopping trolley hack is a hit and has earned high praise on social media.

She shared the hack to a Facebook group and explained that if you ever find yourself without a token, this is what you should do.

“This is an old hack of mine, if you ever find yourself without a gold coin or a token, look no further then a suitable key on your key ring, you’re welcome,” she wrote in a Facebook group.

The image shows a standard trolley from Aldi with the head of a silver key inserted into the coin slot to release the chain locking it to the trolley in front.

The post attracted over 2.4k likes and 500+ comments.

“This is priceless,” praised one Facebook user.

“Knowing my luck, the key would get stuck and I’d just look like a bit idiot haha,” joked one.

“Best life hack ever!” another thrilled commenter posted.

Other were quick to share their alternatives to coins and keys.

“You can get a trolley key off eBay. You don’t have to leave it in the trolley while you shop either,” said one.

“A 5c piece opens the Big W trolleys,” explained another.

However, Aldi has issued a warning against the idea as it might damage trolleys.

“We recommend that our shoppers continue using gold coins or an ALDI trolley to unlock their trolleys. Other objects may become stuck or damaged,” she said.

“Our trolley tokens can be purchased for 99c at the register. Even better, they double as key rings so you can be sure to never forget it.”

Some shoppers were relieved that Aldi had come out against it as they were uncertain about using the key hack for themselves.

“Thanks for sharing I had no idea you could do this but I too would be scared it would get stuck in there,” one Aldi fan commented.

Photo credits: Yahoo! Lifestyle