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Shannen Findlay

Aussie mum declined family groceries at store after trying to pay $10 bill in coins

Aussie mum declined family groceries at store after trying to pay $10 bill in coins

A South Australian woman trying to buy bread and milk at a service station has sparked outrage after she was declined for trying to pay for $10 worth of groceries in 50 cent coins.

When Amy Dee tried to buy groceries at the On The Run service station in Salisbury, South Australia, with her two infants in tow, she was swiftly denied by the attendant for trying to hand over 20 coins as payment.

Later that evening she took to Facebook to air her frustrations, where her post later went on to go viral and gain hundreds of angry comments towards the establishment.

“$10 worth of .50c pieces to get 2x 2ltr Milks and 2x Breads for my kids at OTR so I didn’t have to lug my 2yr old and 11month old through the shops and have the car out in the heat just for a simple OTR job ...” she wrote.

"I was the only car there, so they weren't busy at all with customers,” she added on. “My 11 month old was getting cranky cause he is tired and I was refused service cause the man serving wouldn't accept my change.”

OTR issued a public response to Amy, citing an old law that proved payment in coins valued up to 50 cents “could not exceed $5.”

“Sorry to hear you have been left frustrated by your experience at OTR Salisbury Drive Thru,” the Facebook page wrote.

“As stated in the Australian Government Act 1965 (section 16), coin payment is subjected to… restrictions.”

However, this response only ignited more anger from Facebook users who believed the store was being petty.

The business has since apologised for their comment. Do you think the store’s response was fair? Let us know in the comments below.