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"As good as a Dyson”: $8 Kmart find sends fans into a spin

"As good as a Dyson”: $8 Kmart find sends fans into a spin
Scroll through the gallery to see what it was like to live in a Kmart store for 24 hours.

A NSW mum has immediately shared her new find at Kmart – and it’s not going to break the bank and does a fantastic job at cleaning the floors.

Shirley Towan, from Bombala in regional NSW, spoke to about her latest Kmart find, which is an $8 broom from Kmart that cleans carpets. It can be found in the cleaning section of the discount department store.

“I instantly knew I had to have one so I asked my friend to pick one up for me on Sunday,” Shirley said.

She was looking for a fix to clean a hallway through her home that “no amount of vacuuming has ever cleaned properly,” when she found the broom at Kmart.

However, Shirley had already invested more than $700 in a Dyson vacuum, but was unhappy with the results as it didn’t clean her carpet the way she wanted it to.

Putting the broom to the test on Monday, Shirley was shocked with the results.

“When I first used the broom I was in absolute disbelief that there was so much debris left behind after constant vacuuming,” she said.

“I was actually slightly embarrassed that all that stuff came out of my carpet!”

Source: Kmart Australia

Shirley has also made a bold claim, saying that her new purchase is “just as good as a Dyson”.

She shared her success with a popular Kmart Facebook group, saying she’s been in “total shock”.

“I wanted to share it with other mums to let them know that an $8 broom can be amazing for carpet,” she said.

With 2.2K people liking her tip and almost 500 comments, Shirley has been “gobsmacked” by the reaction to her post.

“I just wanted to show a few mums how good it was and now the whole country has got on board,” she said.

“Now I’m famous for sharing a pile of fluff!”