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The unbelievable amount of rent Dave Hughes is getting for his The Block house

The unbelievable amount of rent Dave Hughes is getting for his The Block house

Comedian Dave Hughes might be better known for his exploits on the stages, but recent moves in the property market suggest he’s just as savvy a customer off the stage as well!

Hughesy made headlines when he snapped up the Elsternwick house on last year’s season of The Block, which ended up the winning project for contestants Josh and Elyse.

And while the radio personality paid an eye-watering $3.067 million for the winning project in October, he’s set to receive a handy rental income out of the arrangement.

“The Block house has been rented,” Hughesy told Triple M’s Hot Breakfast this week.

“We’ve found someone to move in. We’re very happy about that.”

According to Advantage Property Consulting Director Frank Valentic, Hughesy is set to reign in $2,500-$3,000 per week for the property, a record for the hit reality show.

Scroll through the gallery above to take a look inside! We think you’ll agree it’s worth the price, and Hughesy seems as though he’s ready to start seeing some returns.

“I emailed my real estate agent last night about 11pm saying, ‘when’s this month’s rent coming into my bank?’ I haven’t seen it for a while,” he said.

“I had trouble renting it. It took a while.

“At one point the real estate agent rang me and said, ‘someone wants to move in but they’ve got a dog’. I felt like saying, ‘I don’t care whether they’ve got a meth lab’.

“It’s a little dog and it’s fine. They put in their own doggie door.”

Do you think it deserved to win?

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