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10 more items you must never buy at the supermarket

10 more items you must never buy at the supermarket

We’ve mentioned items you should never buy from a supermarket before, but it turns out we were barely scratching the surface. Whether you’re trying to save money (or snare a nice bargain) it simply makes sense to purchase certain items elsewhere.

Here are 10 more items you should never buy from a supermarket. Keep these out of your trolley and the figure on your shopping docket will be much more manageable.

  1. Kitchen utensils – Not only are the kitchen utensils you find in supermarkets overpriced, but they’re generally of a questionable quality. Get your spatulas elsewhere.
  2. Salad dressing – If you’re looking to save a bit of money it often works out quite a bit cheaper to make your own salad dressing than the standard store bought options.
  3. Baked goods – The precooked baked goods you generally find in a supermarket bakery can be made much more cheaply (and deliciously) when baking at home.
  4. Individually packaged chicken – If you’re eating chicken a couple of times this week you can save buy buying a whole chicken, rather than individually packaged pieces.
  5. Produce that is out of season – We have to pay a premium for produce that’s out of season, and generally what we’re getting is a relatively inferior product.
  6. Magazines – Treat these like an impulse buy and try not to be tempted. Unless you’re a subscriber, regularly purchasing magazines isn’t worth your while. 
  7. Canned goods not on sale – Particularly when it comes to staples it pays to avoid canned goods that aren’t on sale (and seriously stock up when they are).
  8. Greeting cards – It might represent a convenient solution if you’re pressed for time, but it’s generally much cheaper to get greeting cards from a newsagent.
  9. Pre-packaged snack-sized chips – When you purchase these items most of what you’re buying is packaging. Buy a bigger and store the chips in an air-tight container.  
  10. Batteries – While it’s nice to be able to find batteries at a supermarket if you’re in a bind, you can pick these items up much cheaper if you head to a department store.
Are you guilty of picking any of these items up from a supermarket? Are there any other supermarket purchases you think we should avoid?

Let us know in the comments.

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