Wed, 13 Mar, 2019Shannen Findlay

Woman’s bizarre excuse for going over the speed limit

Woman’s bizarre excuse for going over the speed limit

A Melbourne woman has left police officers stumped after she gave a very obscure reason for going 137km/h in a 80km/h zone.

The female driver of a Jeep Cherokee was pulled over on Sydney Rd in Campbellfield on Monday afternoon for speeding.

The woman, 38, claimed to have no idea why she was pulled over, insisting to the officers she was only going 75km/h.

After a close inspection of the vehicle, a very unusual detail was revealed about the car.

“Okay this is a first for us. Car checked at 137 on Sydney Road in 80 zone. Driver swore she was doing 75,” the Moreland Police wrote on their Facebook page.

“A closer inspection of the car shows the driver had changed the car settings from metric to imperial.”

Her claim was accepted by police who converted her recorded speed on the dash board of 85 miles per hour to the real speed of 137 km/h.

The woman believed her husband must have changed the speedometer from metric to imperial without her knowledge.

“Either way it was incredibly fast and dangerous,” the post read.

Social media users were not too convinced by the 38-year-old’s excuse, quickly pointing out 137km/h feels much too fast and different to be confused with 80km/h.

“137 felt like 75! Hard to believe if you are a driver! Cops obviously didn’t,” wrote one user.

“If you can’t tell your speeding by flying past almost every other car then you shouldn’t have a licence,” another said.

The car has since been impounded and the driver was charged $896.10 for towing costs.

The woman is also expected to be charged with speed-related felonies.