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This Melbourne man has experienced the most bizarre burglary of all time

This Melbourne man has experienced the most bizarre burglary of all time

It’s never a good feeling when you find out your house has been broken into, but for one Melbourne man, he didn’t know what to think after he discovered a bizarre break in thanks to his security cameras.

CCTV footage showed a man wearing a blue shirt and sunglasses strolling up the driveway and into Steven Freeman’s Laverton home on Friday.

But instead of stealing Mr Freeman’s most prized possessions, he decided to be productive and use his time wisely.

After greeting Jesse, the German Shepard, the man jumped over the back fence and used the next hour to unwind, eat and finish off a few chores.

It was 11 am when he entered the property and was forced to leave two hours later when he noticed the 55-year-old resident arriving back home.

In that time, the man had got to work as he washed his clothes, clipped his toenails and ate the chocolate that was in the fridge.

“He ate all my Cadbury Favourites,” Mr Freeman said as he spoke to 9News.

“There were several cans of drink which he demolished … he probably would have cooked himself dinner if I didn’t come home.”

According to reports, the intruder was getting ready to take a shower just as Mr Freeman arrived home, causing the thief to scurry and grab his freshly laundered clothes and steal a speaker before whizzing out.

Police are currently searching for the man in question as they suspect he may have been homeless. He is described to be of Caucasian descent and aged in his 30s.

Those with any information regarding the break-in are urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.