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This is what Scott Morrison copied from a politician

This is what Scott Morrison copied from a politician

In what was supposed to be a cunning announcement foreshadowing the projected return to surplus from last week’s budget, turned out to be a copycat campaign from over five years ago.

A series of self portraits of Prime Minister Scott Morrison accompanied by the “Back in Black” slogan were released to announce that the Budget would have a return on surplus for the first time in 12 years.

The moody set of black and white pictures have been scrutinised heavily by Aussies for drawing inspiration from his fellow politician in New Zealand.

Eagle eyed critiques pointed out that the social media campaign released over three weeks ago bears a striking resemblance to a similar campaign of then Prime Minster John Key back in 2014.

The portrait taken of Mr Key was taken by Photographer Dave Richards at a Young Nationals event in 2014.

The Kiwi snapper called it a “fast and fun shoot” with “such a busy subject.”

“We had only four minutes to get the shot, which we somehow managed in just under two minutes,” Richards wrote on Facebook in May that year.

Morrison’s photos were not received too well, many comparing his hunched demeanour to an album cover.

However, Mr Key’s photograph had a positive response from Kiwi’s.

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