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The tricky road rules quiz sparking furious debate: Which car should indicate?

The tricky road rules quiz sparking furious debate: Which car should indicate?

The Department of Transport in Western Australia has put motorists to the test with this confusing road rule that has left some drivers a little confused.

A graphic posted to the Facebook page shows a white and red car travelling straight though a roundabout.

The white car is in the left lane while the red car is in the right lane.

Motorists in the comments below were left furious over the confusing road rule, which asked drivers which car should indicate.

Some Facebook users were left divided, while others insisted the answer was obvious.

“Both need to indicate right then left as they are exiting,” one user wrote below in the comments.

Another added: “White indicate right. Red indicate left.”

Drivers were at different ends, one writing: “Can’t believe the number of seemingly serious, wrong answers... indicate left after going past the previous exit!”

Other Facebook users made jokes about the quiz, one garnering almost 90 reactions to their comment.

“Both should indicate left after passing the exit immediately prior,” the user wrote.

“But in WA, no indicators are used, and complex hand and finger gestures and horn use seem to be norm.”

Another comment read: “Doesn't matter, white car thinks they are a truck and will also use the lane the red car is using.”

The post amassed over 150 comments, some consisting of stumped motorists, others quite sure of their answers.

Transport WA put the matter to rest the next day.

“The cars don't need to indicate when they're entering the roundabout because they're travelling straight through it,” the page wrote.

“Both cars must indicate left when they’ve passed the last exit before the one you intend to use.”

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