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Shopping centre changes parking rule: Outrage as drivers slapped with fines

Shopping centre changes parking rule: Outrage as drivers slapped with fines

Motorists have voiced their anger after a shopping centre carpark “inadequately” communicated their new payment system.

Wilson Parking at Kelvin Grove Shopping Centre in Brisbane updated its payment system from traditional tickets to high-tech number plate recognition.

However, drivers have claimed that they didn’t enter their plate numbers at the entrance of the carpark because they failed to see the notices.

Small A4 signs have been put on display throughout the carpark and white chalk was used to communicate the changes on the wall.

Image credit: Ozan Tortop via Google

Shoppers who failed to enter their number plates at the entrance have been hit with $65 fines, even if they had only used the free two-hour parking.

One frustrated driver described the convoluted system as a “new and dirty way of making profit”.

The shopper and dozens of others have vowed to never use a Wilson parking garage again after receiving their fines.

“Absolute entrapment – so annoyed – will NEVER park in Wilson parking again,” Bianca Fontaine said.

Image credit: Bianca Fontaine via Google

However, Wilson Parking CEO Steve Evans believes there is no problem with the sporadic signage.

“In our experience, the vast majority of shoppers use these carparks correctly in accordance with the timeframes and conditions displayed at each location,” he told The Courier Mail.

“In a small number of cases customers who do not adhere to the conditions of entry are issued with breach notices.

“It is important to note that the number of parking breach notices issued annually is a minute proportion of the total number of vehicles that use our sites.”

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