Wed, 6 Mar, 2019Courtney Allan

Self-serve checkout cheaters – watch out!

Self-serve checkout cheaters – watch out!

Many people enjoy using the self-serve checkout as it allows them to swipe a bargain whilst they are getting their groceries. What’s common is to choose a lower priced item, such as a tomato, and nab the higher priced item at the lower price.

One in 10 shoppers admit to doing this and the “micro-thefts” cost $9 billion to retailers. Scanning the wrong item can be categorised as fraud and is punishable by the law, but it’s still a problem for many major retailers.

A new technology is set to combat this problem. Tiliter Technology have developed a range of cameras that are fitted into the self-serve checkouts and are able to tell the difference between the onions you’ve selected and the avocados you’re swiping.

With successful trials in supermarkets across Europe and the United States, The New Daily have said that many Australian retailers are considering adopting the technology later on this year to combat the theft.

Tiliter co-founder Martin Karafilis said that each checkout would be fitted with a small camera that is able to detect food products without needing to scan a barcode.

“This automatic-detection and product-recognition technology reduces the opportunity to scan through expensive items as cheaper ones, for example, placing through avocados or expensive meats as cheap onions,” Karafilis said.

“[Scanning fresh produce] is the real pain point for cashiers and consumers [because it takes time] at the self-service checkout, as well as a major area of fraud for supermarkets,” he explained.

Queensland University of Technology senior research fellow Dr Paul Dootson has explained why Aussies don’t seem to feel guilty when they steal from supermarkets.

“There are probably a lot less thefts at farmers’ markets because you can see the victim right there in front of you,” Dr Dootson said.

“If you’re not being served by a human, you don’t feel so bad about it.”

“People find it hard to comprehend all the different players involved in the supply chain.

“They think, how can stealing a couple of grapes really impact a multibillion-dollar company?”

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