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Prince Philip surrenders his driver’s licence following dangerous car crash

Prince Philip surrenders his driver’s licence following dangerous car crash

After being involved in a car crash last month, Prince Philip has voluntarily surrendered his driver's licence.

The Duke of Edinburgh caused an uproar after he was spotted behind the wheel shortly after the collision in last month without a seatbelt.

The 97-year-old gave his licence up on Saturday according to Buckingham Palace.

The crash left two women hospitalised after the Prince’s Land Rover collided with their vehicle on January 17.

But despite issuing an apology to those affected, only 48 hours after the incident, the royal was pictured driving without a seatbelt.

“After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving licence,” a statement from Buckingham Palace read.

Philip pulled out onto a busy road, causing his car to flip over and crash into a Kia, which was carrying a 9-month-old child, his mother and another passenger.

While the royal made it out unharmed, passenger Emma Fairweather wasn’t so lucky, as she broke her wrist and demanded for the Duke to be charged for negligent driving.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the Duke wished Ms Fairweather a “speedy recovery” and that he “failed to see the car coming” in a letter that was written to her on January 21.

He faulted the bright sunlight for obscuring his vision, saying that he was “very contrite about the consequences”.

Authorities revealed that they spoke to the Prince and gave him “suitable words of advice” and if necessary, “any appropriate action” would be taken.

Norfolk Police released a statement on Saturday regarding the incident, saying that the matter “has been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service for their consideration”.

Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman said the royal could be charged with a hefty penalty for negligence. 

But according to another lawyer, he could avoid prosecution all together if he surrenders his right to drive. 

Despite handing over his licence, Prince Philip will still be allowed to drive around the grounds of the palace and other royal estates.