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"Nobody left the table that evening”: Explosive new claim in Madeleine McCann case

"Nobody left the table that evening”: Explosive new claim in Madeleine McCann case

A US private investigator has worked undercover at the holiday resort in Portugal where Madeleine McCann vanished and has made explosive new claims that cast doubt on the McCann’s parenting checking system.

The system the McCann family told police that they conducted checks on the children throughout the evening whilst they were at dinner at a nearby restaurant.

However, in an interview on the Maddie podcast, Boston-based investigator Joseph Moura claimed a bartender and waitress told him otherwise.

This bartender and waitress had served the McCanns and their friends that evening and told Moura that “nobody left the table that evening”.

Nobody working at the tapas restaurant where the McCann family and their friends dined that evening knew that Moura was a private investigator.

"[The employees] had no idea that I was working with 48 Hours and CBS. I was just a tourist who happened to speak their language. So, I got to know them pretty well in that period of time, when you're spending a lot of time by the pool and you're spending time at the bar and the restaurant," he said.

"They clearly told me that that particular night that nobody left the table. That goes by the bartender and that goes by the waitresses. Nobody left the table that evening."

However, it is possible that the bartender and restaurant wait staff did not see Mr and Mrs McCann and their friends getting up to check regularly on their children.

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