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New 10-minute "grace period" parking rule – but there's a catch!

New 10-minute "grace period" parking rule – but there's a catch!

Motorists in New South Wales can now catch a break as a 10-minute parking "grace period" is now in place.

Starting today, parking officers will wait 10 minutes after the tickets expire before writing a fine, providing drivers with extra time.

The grace period only applies in ticketed areas where drivers pay for at least one hour of parking and receive a physical ticket or coupon. It does not apply to private car parks, bus lanes, loading zones, mail zones, transit lanes or special event parking.

“This is a common sense approach … people shouldn’t have their day ruined or their weekly budget compromised for a slight delay in returning to their car when they’ve shown intent to do the right thing,” said NSW Treasurer Dominic Perottet.

“We are hopeful this will also reduce the stress and pressure on parking inspectors as it will give some leniency in the issuing of fines.”

Starting March 1, parking fines will also be reduced across parts of Greater Sydney. Eighteen local government areas throughout Western Sydney and regional NSW have agreed to cut basic parking fines from $112 to $80.

“That’s 32 bottles of milk, that’s 10 loaves of bread, a couple of dozen eggs and that’s important to families that are struggling and on the breadline,” Wendy Waller, mayor of participating council Liverpool, told 7News.

Perottet hopes more councils would join and opt in to reduce their parking fines.

“Fines should be used as deterrents, not a license to print money,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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