Shannen Findlay


Man robs banks with avocado – flees with $12,000

Man robs banks with avocado – flees with $12,000

A man will sit trial after being accused of robbing two banks with an avocado. 

The 47-year-old has been arrested after allegedly robbing two banks in Beershaba, Israel using a whole avocado, according to the Times of Israel. 

The man entered a Postal Bank branch at a shopping mall in May and handed over a note demanding she hand over cash. 

“Hand over the money in the drawer,” the note read according to 112 News

When the cashier hesitated, the robber spoke, saying: “Put the money in the bag quickly or I’ll throw this grenade.”

The “grenade” however turned out to be a piece of fruit he painted black. 

The performance happened once more at another bank a few days later. 

The accused will stand trial for stealing more than AUD$12,000 in total. 

Police were able to track the robber down using his mobile device.