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How you could break the law eating hot cross buns this Easter

How you could break the law eating hot cross buns this Easter

A truck driver from Western Australia has advised hot cross bun fanatics to be careful this Easter as the popular food item can land motorists in trouble.

Taking to Facebook, Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls uploaded a video of founder Heather Jones indulging in the sweet treat.

Before tucking in, Ms Jones blows into a breathalyser resulting in the figure zero.

“One mouthful of a hot cross bun,” she says right before she takes a bite.

After a bite, Ms Jones blows into the breathalyser again and the figure showed to be 0.018.

In WA, drivers can be penalised for low-range drink driving if the numbers are between 0.05 and 0.06.

“So, be really careful this Easter,” she says.

The video has racked up over 800,000 views but viewers are double-minded about the experiment.

One user joked about having a rough morning after eating an entire pack of buns.

“I had a six pack of hot cross buns last night and woke up with the biggest hangover,” they wrote.

But one man criticised Ms Jones for using the breathalyser “incorrectly” as she should have waited 15 minutes after consuming the bun.

“Bananas, some jams and many foods have the same effect,” he wrote.

Another user commented saying that “a lot of food and drinks” result in a figure that is over the limit.

“That is why you are not meant to blow straight after eating or drinking,” he wrote.