Former editor opens up about Belle Gibson: “We’re all still being duped”

Former editor opens up about Belle Gibson: “We’re all still being duped”

A former magazine editor has come forward about her experience with the renowned Belle Gibson.

The Australian blogger catapulted to fame for her “clean eating” methods that she claimed healed her multiple cancers.

In June 2009, the wellness “health guru” announced she had been diagnosed with malignant brain cancer, admitting she had between six weeks to four months to live.

Months later, Gibson claimed she had completely healed herself of her cancer and in August 2013 launched an app to help others heal from their health problems – reportedly garnering over 200,000 downloads within the first month.

An investigation later revealed Belle had made false claims about donating portions of her income to charity and had completely fabricated her cancer and health conditions – as well as her age and family background.

Former editor of Women’s Health Magazine has come forward since the jaw-dropping hoax was revealed, saying she too was “duped” by the wellness guru.

The journalist detailed in a WHIMN article that although she and her features director had been “sceptical of Gibson”, the backing of massive brands like Apple and Penguin who supported her app and published cookbook, made them think that their doubts were wrong.