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Family's $3000 parking bill for visiting sick relative in hospital

Family's $3000 parking bill for visiting sick relative in hospital

After a $3000 parking fee was issued at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Roger Cook, the West Australian Health Minister says he’ll “get to the bottom of it”.

Perth resident Gareth Cooks and his family were issued with the enormous bill after visiting their sister, Stephanie Cooks, at the Nedlands hospital over a period of five months.

Stephanie is facing unexpected problems after a liver transplant.

Speaking to 9News, the 25-year-old said she “couldn’t imagine” not having her family by her side through this difficult time.

“It meant so much to me that my family are so supportive,” she said.

Stephanie’s slow but sure recovery is good news for the concerned family, but with parking bills that high, they now have something else to worry about.

“I’ve asked my office to reach out to the family and see if we can resolve these issues,” said Mr Cook.

“It just seems the pattern of use in this case has produced this extraordinary bill and I’d like to get to the bottom of it.”

The multi-level parking lot at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is owned by banking firm Capella Parking, and 100 per cent of the revenue received from visitors goes directly to them.

The lot charges drivers $23.50 per day and the car park is bringing in close to $90,000 each day.

Discounted rates are offered on a case-by-case basis and are usually given to those who are renal, cancer and cystic fibrosis in-patients who have no other means of transport.

The North Metropolitan Health Service says there are currently no plans to change the selection criteria.

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