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Drivers to face hefty fine if caught with this everyday snack

Drivers to face hefty fine if caught with this everyday snack

Motorists caught bringing fruit into South Australia will be facing heavy penalties as the state government enforces new regulations to minimise the spreading of fruit flies.

Those travelling towards the state with produce will be hit with a $375 fine as the government attempts to control the already widespread problem of the insect.

“From roadblocks to quarantine bins, we will use every tool at our disposal to defend our vital horticulture industry against fruit fly and to protect our fruit fly-free status,” said Primary Industries Minister Tim Whetstone.

Mr Whetstone revealed that new electronic signs will be installed, reminding drivers to “Eat it or Bin it” as they reach Yamba station on the border with Victoria.

He also warned drivers that declaring with no penalty no longer applies, as the state is cracking down with tougher laws.

The regulations come after the influx of fruit flies in Queensland throughout the Loxton and Riverland region and Mediterranean fruit flies in Kilburn and Ceduna.

Mr Whetstone also blamed the harsh summer weather for the increasing amount of fruit flies, saying they are now at their “most active” state.

“So, if you have friends and family visiting, remind them not to bring any fresh fruit and vegetables into the state, and in particular into the Riverland,” he said.

“If you do find any maggots in fruit or vegetables or suspect fruit fly or other plant pests and diseases call the hotline – 1300 666 010 – to report it immediately.”