Driver shamed after blocking traffic for photoshoot

Driver shamed after blocking traffic for photoshoot

A woman has enraged hundreds of people after parking in the middle of a busy road to take photos of her car.

Her antics were captured on video by a Canberra local and shared to Facebook on Friday where she was put on blast by a dozens of peeved locals.

The person who filmed the incident, which took place at the start of May in the inner city suburb of Red Hill, said the woman blocked the road for 15 minutes while her friends took photos of her car.

When people told her to move her car, she refused,” he wrote to a Facebook group.

More than 200 people weighed in on the incident, many labelling the woman a “nuisance”.

“She is a public nuisance and should be fined,” one person asserted.

Someone else agreed, saying “she should be fined” over her “self absorbed behaviour”.

“She’s breaking the road rules parking in an unsafe manner and should be lucky she didn’t get seen by the police,” another said.

“Just shows lack of consideration for other people. An indication their basic respect for others is non existent,” someone else added.

While most drivers were furious, some rugged it wouldn't have been difficult for drivers to simply go around her.

“What’s the big deal? You could drive a Mack truck through the gap beside her. Let her take her photos, it’s not doing any harm,” one person wrote.

“Why can’t people just be nice? Let her take the photos and move on,” another said.

Many were left scratching their heads at how there were people defending her behaviour, with some arguing it was never acceptable to park in the middle of the road.

“This is never OK, nor is it ever not absolutely baffling,” one wrote.

“She should’ve pulled to the side instead of being inconsiderate of other drivers,” another said.

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