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Borce Ristevski sensationally pleads guilty to killing wife Karen

Borce Ristevski sensationally pleads guilty to killing wife Karen

A day before he was going to stand trial for murder, Borce Ristevski has pleaded guilty to killing his wife Karen.

Karen disappeared on the morning of June 29, 2016 only for investigators to discover her lifeless body at Mount Macedon Regional Park eight months later.

Despite Ristevski being a prime suspect in the harrowing case, he has firmly maintained his innocence, saying his 47-year-old wife walked out of their Avondale Heights home after an argument and never returned.

In came one bizarre theory after another, as Ristevski was seen putting on an act of deep emotion when speaking of his late spouse. He and his family made countless assumptions of the events that led to her disappearance – one of them being that Karen left the country on a fake passport.

After her body was found, Ristevski still claimed that he was innocent, even going as far to carry her coffin out of her funeral service.

The ceremony was shrouded with emotion as mourners listened to a eulogy that recalled Karen’s love for her husband, who was described by friend Anica Naumovski as “the love of her life”.

The couple had two children together, who were clearly shattered after receiving the tragic news of their mother's death. 

He kept up with his performance of the grieving husband as he broke down in tears during church and had a pained expression while escorting her coffin on his shoulders.

But that all changes after his chilling confession as the harrowing image of him at her funeral service has taken on another meaning.

It didn’t take long for those on the case to grow suspicious, as they alleged that the 54-year-old had murdered his wife and transported her body in her Mercedes-Benz Roadster to dump it.

And yesterday it all came to light as the father-of-two finally confessed to the murder of his wife, a day before his trial was to commence.

Ristevski told authorities that he originally sat in the car to go get fuel but changed his mind when the faulty fuel gauge showed it wasn’t needed.

He said that he was driving towards his wife’s dress shop Bella Bleu, but after missing the turn-off he went back home.

But his story failed to match up, as detectives claim that he lied about his whereabouts and switched off his and Karen’s mobile phones to avoid being traced.

During a committal hearing last year, Karen’s injuries were described by a forensic pathologist. Professor Stephen Cordner revealed to the court that she had an irregular break in her hyoid bone – a bone in the neck – that could have occurred due to blunt force trauma.

Though despite the gruesome details, Professor Cordner couldn’t identify exactly what occurred the time of her murder, as her body was discovered much later.

Soon, evidence started coming forward with neighbours stating that the couple could be heard “yelling and screaming” the day of her disappearance.

Police discovered that the couple were dealing with piles of debt and assigned Gerard Curtin from Victoria Police to dig deeper into their financial situation.

During the committal hearing, Mr Curtin said the business “had serious cash flow issues” and was failing to cover the “rent, wages and stock”.

“You’ll see there was a constant struggle,” he told the court.

Ristevski will appear at his sentencing hearing on March 27.

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