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Aussie family’s fight to remove ridiculously placed tree

Aussie family’s fight to remove ridiculously placed tree

A frustrated West Australian family have been forced to do “20-point turns” to reverse out of their driveway due to their local council refusing to remove an obstructive tree.

Natalie Quadrio and her family purchased the Coodanup home two years ago but had concerns over the giant tree sitting in the middle of the driveway.

But despite their qualms, they believed the location of the tree was a part of their property as it was sitting directly behind the mailbox.

However, they were in for a rude awakening when their request to get the tree removed was denied, as The City of Mandurah, the local council informed them that the tree was on council land.

Ms Quadrio claims that the inconveniently placed tree has caused a host of problems for the family, and as its root system grows, things are only going to get worse.

The driveway is virtually unusable as the sap that falls from the tree damages vehicles. And when someone does decide to park their car, they’re forced to manoeuvre their way out to avoid hitting the tree.

Photo: Channel Seven

And it isn’t just a headache for drivers, as debris falls onto the solar hot water system and into the gutters.

“I would like to see it removed, it is impractical. It blocks off our left-hand side of our garage so we can’t actually use that,” Ms Quadrio told Today Tonight.

“You can put two cars in there, but you have to pull one out first and then you have to do a 20-point turn to get it in and out.

“And hubby for the whole two years has had to empty the gutters every two weeks because it’s a fire hazard. We’re in a fire zone.”

Ms Quadrio acknowledges that she should have considered the location of the tree before buying the home, but also claims that it wasn’t so simple.

“People are saying you shouldn’t have bought the house if you didn’t like the tree out the front, but we honestly did think it was in our boundary,” she said.

“I would be quite happy if they removed it and put another tree exactly the same, further down on the verge.”

Photo: Channel Seven

Issuing a statement, CEO of The City of Mandurah Mark Newman said: “It is important residents considered existing infrastructure, including trees, when buying and building homes.”

They stated that the removal of trees only takes place when “absolutely necessary” or if they have died or carry a disease.

“Residents can request a tree inspection or maintenance should they have concerns but as a general rule pruning only occurs every one to five years,” said the council.

But according to Ms Quadrio, she did exactly that but still received little to no cooperation from the council.

“I rang and asked them could they come and prune it, or can we remove it and about two weeks later I got a letter back saying sap, leaves, pollen, branches that fall are not their issue,” she said.

“I’ve been here two years and I’ve never ever seen them tree lop or maintain these trees.

“I like trees, the reason we picked this area, it’s a lovely area and it is all tree lined but there’s no maintenance.”

Ms Quadrio says her family are now anxious as it won’t be long before the tree’s root system starts to lift up the driveway.

“There is movement in the pavement already so the next issue will be for us if it starts ripping up pavers more or if it’s going to get under our house, then what damages and costs are we up for,” she said.

Speaking to the previous owners of the WA home, Today Tonight was told that the residents were forced to build their driveway around the tree as the council refused to touch it.

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