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“Are you angry? I certainly am!” Pauline Hanson furious over Julie Bishop's $210K a year pension payout

 “Are you angry? I certainly am!” Pauline Hanson furious over Julie Bishop's $210K a year pension payout

One Nation’s Pauline Hanson is furious that parliamentary pensions are as lucrative as they are, and demanding that they be scrapped.

Hanson is openly outraged at former foreign minister Julie Bishop’s retirement benefit, which is going to be amount to a lofty $210,000 a year once she leaves federal parliament.

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne was also in the firing line, as he will receive $140,000 a year from his time as a minister.

This is due to the rule that Federal MPs who were elected before October 2004 are entitled to a lifelong parliamentary pension.

Hanson posted a video of a Sunrise interview, with the caption:

“Sorry in advance for getting so fired up but the thought of Julie Bishop walking away and pocketing a political pension of $200,000 plus makes my blood boil!

“One Nation has consistently fought for a freeze on politicians' pay but every other political party, including Derryn Hinch, has voted against us! Politicians should be leading by example.

“We have pensioners unable to pay their bills to keep the lights on yet politicians keep giving themselves fat pay rises, it is no surprise Aussies think most politicians are parasites.”

Sunrise hosts David “Kochie” Koch and Samantha Armytage watched on as Hanson and Australian Senator for Victoria Derryn Hinch fought about the large superannuation payout before things got personal between Hanson and Hinch.

“We've got two days left in parliament. Move the bill to freeze this payout of the previous superannuation that Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne and eight Labor MPs who are resigning from Parliament are entitled to,” Hanson said.

“It is disgusting and does not pass the pub test.”

Hinch agreed but pointed out that himself and Hanson do not get any pension at all due to coming into parliament after 2004.

“Anybody elected, like her, like me, after 2004 gets no pension at all. Not one dollar. You will not get a pension.”

The superannuation statements resonated with many Australians, who have made their thoughts clear in the comments.

“These people have NOT retired! They are changing employers! This pension scheme needs to be abolished! These people are not for Australia, only for themselves!” said one commenter.

Another agreed, calling for politicians to be asset tested.

“If politicians were asset tested, they wouldn’t be eligible for a pension, simple as that. The gravy train needs to be derailed and these pensions stopped.”

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